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With our trademark alware8760 checked we would like to initiate a more realistic evaluation of sustainable and economically feasible energy concepts. Worldwide.
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CO2 emissions [kg/kWh] for the german electricity mix today and the last 30 days

Click on a day, to see a 3 day view, with a proposal for electricity rates for which sustainable = economically feasible is true.

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Future-proofing of your energy concept

Due to the accuracy of hourly simulations, alware can lower investment as well as operational energy costs. This is achieved by dimensioning the components of energy concepts (building and engineering) to the required minimum for economic feasibility, considering current and predicted future carbon pricing.

Our mission

We take responsibility for resource efficiency of materials in the construction of buildings and their services and for the usage of energy sources.

Good for the climate

The aim of our consultancy is to make building physics transparent to you. We will tailor the dimensioning of your building services accurately to your specific project requirements, avoiding excess use of resources.

Have you heard of the equation “sustainable = economically feasible”? Aren’t you surprised that especially in the building sector, this is not commonly enacted?

The uncertainty around the economic feasibility of sustainable, decentralised solutions is caused by an unrealistic methodological approach to planning buildings and districts.

If energy performance predictions for electricity, heating and cooling are based on peak loads only, sustainable energy systems will appear inadequate.

If all calculations are based on the assumption that every day and every hour of the year are identical, and that renewable energy is not available, a more realistic dimensioning of building services is impossible.

Only a detailed hourly analysis of all 8760 hours of the year will allow for reliable evaluation of the economic feasibility of building services.

The Alware solution is an hourly evaluation of all energy flows throughout a year.

This allows for accurate predictions of energy consumption and economic feasibility of the overall system. The simulation results provide clients with the necessary transparency for decision making about investments. In addition to that, the hourly simulation allows for an evaluation of the CO2 emissions caused by the consumption of all energy sources (e.g., national electricity grid and gas network).

Case study: New construction based on German legislation with gas boiler and solar thermal system

Evaluation of CO2 emissions caused by energy sources for each of the 8760 hours of the year.

Only this allows us to identify time periods for which effective measures for CO2 reduction can be designed.

The digitalisation in the energy sector offers unique opportunities, however its potential for building practice through the benefits of realistic hourly simulations have not yet been widely acknowledged.

The common approach is essentially a preparation for a worst case scenario, which will never happen. This leads to a huge waste of resources through unnecessary overdimensioning of building services and excess CO2 emissions.

For a realistic evaluation it is crucial to determine at what point in time electricity is supplied by the grid: E.g. CO2 emissions are higher at night as opposed to during the day and they tend to also be higher all-day during winter days. The mix of energy sources in the electricity generation varies on an hourly basis, and thus the same applies to the primary energy factor which represents the share of fossil fuels.

Let us convince you of the benefits of hourly simulations!

We simulate each hour of the year for your building and develop sustainable, decentralised energy concept solutions specifically tailored to your project.

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